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Collection: 'Arctic 30' Tight Edit Events
This collection is a tighter edit of key 'Arctic 30' photos, including the Gazprom action followed by all events taking place in Murmansk and Saint Petersburg, and finally their return home.

On 18 September 2013, Greenpeace peacefully protested against the giant Prirazlomnaya oil rig, where Gazprom intends to become the first company to pump oil from icy Arctic waters. Over a day later, the ship was illegally boarded by armed special forces, before being towed to Murmansk, Russia. The Arctic 30 includes twenty-eight activists, as well as a freelance videographer and a freelance photographer. Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo has stated, "The Arctic is melting before our eyes, and these brave activists stand in defiance of those who wish to exploit this unfolding crisis to drill for more oil."
27 Dec, 2013
Dima Litvinov Returns Home to Sweden
3 Dec, 2013
Arctic 30 Activists in St. Petersburg
27 Dec, 2013
Dima Litvinov Returns Home to Sweden
27 Dec, 2013
'Arctic 30' Return Home to the UK
18 Nov, 2013
Ana Paula Alminhana Maciel Detention Hearing in St. Petersburg
27 Dec, 2013
Faiza Oulahsen Leaves Russia
19 Sep, 2013
Russian Security Services Seize Arctic Sunrise
18 Sep, 2013
Action against Gazprom's Arctic Drilling
19 Sep, 2013
Arctic Sunrise Seized by Russian Security Agents
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