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Collection: APP Commits to End Deforestation (Photo and Video)
Environmental organisation Greenpeace hailed today’s commitment from Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) to end deforestation as a major breakthrough in efforts to save Indonesia’s rainforests, after a decade of public pressure and recent negotiations with Greenpeace. APP, one of the world’s largest producers of paper and packaging, has published a new ‘Forest Conservation Policy’ which, if implemented, could spell the end of its long and controversial history of rainforest destruction.
27 Sep, 2012
Peatland Forest Clearance in Kalimantan
Indah Kiat Perawang Logyards
27 Sep, 2012
Tiger Tour in Kalimantan
26 Apr, 2010
Forest Destruction in Sumatra
27 Oct, 2009
Acacia Pulpwood Plantation in Sumatra
5 Aug, 2010
Cleared Pulpwood Concession in Sumatra
4 Feb, 2013
APP Commits to End Deforestation
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18 Feb, 2013
Greenpeace Thanks Supporters on the APP Campaign - English Version
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