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Collection: Gazprom Oil Rig Action and Aftermath (Video) (GP0ALBJV)
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On 18 September 2013, Greenpeace peacefully...
Arctic Sunrise Seized by Russian Security Agents
Previously unseen footage shows the moment the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise was boarded and seized by Russian security agents in international waters on September 19. The footage shows Greenpeace International activists and crew responding peacefully with arms raised and how the ship was subsequently towed to the port of Murmansk.
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The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is in the Arctic to expose and confront Russian oil companies such as Rosneft and Gazprom and their Western partners like Exxon Mobil, Statoil and BP. The companies are preparing to drill in the Arctic. Greenpeace is campaigning for a ban on offshore drilling in the Arctic, and for the uninhabited area around the North Pole to be declared a global sanctuary. Greenpeace and millions of supporters are challenging Gazprom and other companies at sea, on land, and online.
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