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Shoot: Slaves of the Harvest Documentary

Documentary about Greenpeace efforts to try and persuade the Aleut community from rounding up and slaughtering thousands of Northern Fur Seals each year in the Pribilof Islands off Alaska.
Film depicts Aleut men herding seals together by rattling metal cans on large thick clubs. As the frightened Seals are grouped together they are clubbed to death. Seals are then skinned and the pelts taken to processing plant. Penises of mature male seals are sliced off and shipped to Hong Kong to be sold as aphrodisiacs. Remaining skinned carcasses are literally shoveled into a large truck and dumped at a waste site to become food for foxes and dogs.
In July 1983 Greenpeace arrived at the Pribilof Islands and entered into dialogue with local leaders. Greenpeace point of view being that the Aleut people in the past only slaughtered seals for their own needs. Now they had become enslaved by the commercial needs of their colonial past. Local leaders pointed out that the pelt processing plant was a vital source of seasonal employment. Ideas are explored on other sources of income. Greenpeace respect that for some the seal hunt is a way of life but for the seal it is a senseless way of death. Greenpeace leaves the islands even more determined to end the cruel practise. Some local leaders are in agreement that the seal fur industry should be phased out as it is very precarious and a more viable source of employment should be sought after.
Slaves of the Harvest - Documentary
1 Jul, 1984
Slaves of the Harvest - Documentary
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