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Shoot: 'Save the North Sea' Message in the Hague

Greenpeace activists and three Dutch celebrities place a message made of 54.780 pebbles on the square outside the building of the Department of Economic Affairs in The Hague. The message reads "Dijksma, red de Noordzee!” (which translates in English to: "Dijksma, save the North Sea!"). It is addressed to Sharon Dijksma, the State Secretary of Economic Affairs, who is responsible for fishery as well as the protection of Dutch nature, including the Dutch North Sea. Mrs Dijksma also has a brief conversation with the activists.
The 54.780 pebbles represent the amount of people who have signed Greenpeace’s Manifest of the Seven Seas, a call for the creation of a global network of ocean sanctuaries. This manifest is linked to the TV programme “The Seven Seas”, a 9-episode reality game show in which 10 Dutch celebrities compete to win the title of "Best activist for the sea".
'Save the North Sea' Message in the Hague
26 May, 2015
'Save the North Sea' Message in the Hague
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