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Shoot: Solidarity “IAmazonia” Sign in Amsterdam

Greenpeace activists turn world-famous ‘iAmsterdam’ sign into solidarity message to save the Amazon.

“It’s only when something is gone, that we realise how much we miss it.” Under this theme Greenpeace Netherlands brought back the iconic red and white ‘Iam’ letters to Amsterdam's Museumplein and turned them into the ‘Iamazonia’ to shine a light on another landmark vital to our survival which is disappearing in front of our eyes: the Amazon rainforest.

When the original ‘Iamsterdam’ letters were removed in December 2018, an outcry went through international media. The letters have been one of the most instagrammed, photographed and recognised landmarks in Europe, familiar to millions of people worldwide. The touristic magnet became a victim of its own success, driving officials to remove the letters from their fixed spot in front of the world-famous Rijksmuseum after 14 years. Greenpeace’s ‘Iamazonia’ letters are an exact copy of the original landmark, have a length of 23 metres and are three metres high.
Information Board by the ‘iAmazonia’ sign in Amsterdam
26 Jun, 2019
Information Board by the ‘iAmazonia’ sign in Amsterdam
Solidarity “IAmazonia” Sign in Amsterdam
26 Jun, 2019
Solidarity “IAmazonia” Sign in Amsterdam
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