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Shoot: 15th Anniversary of Greenfreeze

The world's first CFC-free fridge- the GREENFREEZE - is the most environmentally sustainable domestic
refrigeration technology currently available. Refrigerator technology traditionally relied on CFC as its coolant whereas the Greenfreeze technology works on proprane and butane and is also completely recyclable and does not harm the world's ozone layer.
Developed by Greenpeace in 1992, Greenfreeze is now cost effective, technologically mature and commercially accepted in most major markets of the world. Greenpeace cooperated with China‘s largest fridge producer, Kelon, in the production of Greenfreeze to introduce Greenfreeze technology to China.
On the tenth anniversary of the Montreal Protocol 1997, Greenfreeze was awarded the UNEP Ozone Award. There are nearly 150 million Greenfreeze refrigerators in the world today.
15 Years Greenfreeze Anniversary - English Version
15 Mar, 2008
15 Years Greenfreeze Anniversary - English Version
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